Looks like D-B 1.5 really is a thing, as predicted. Or is it 1.5BSD? Am rather hoping Vuittons silk, super-shallow double-breasted qualifies it as D-B 1.5 as am intending on including it. It's been on here before, with kimono like shirt structure underneath, remember? Very elegant cut indeed, Louis should do more. Should be a commercial collection that echoes it, right? Meanwhile the model looks a little like a good looking Pike from Dad's Army. It's the hair, am sure. And the length.

Louis Vuitton AW12

That's all am saying today, I think. Late, late expenses haul into early hours has left me a trifle jaded. A Clockwork Orange was good to see again though, if not feeling hammier than ever. Yesterday was interesting too, but double busy. The Telegraph, twice, The Gandy, the bus, The Oyster, The Jimmy Choo and the bus. All of which one has to do slightly tarted up. Well, a summer take of tarted up. Wheat/sand mohair suit, Gatsby/Twenties shirt and tricolour croc/canvas shoes. Gandy loved the shoes, but then he's a charmer in wide trousers.

Vintage Etro crocodile and canvas toe cap Oxfords

Walking about in the heat, doing meetings all dressed up is tantamount to being a Flaneur with a pen. Seeing people and being seen in your gear. It's the same. Have a look at this if ya fancy (click).

Yesterday I was a Flaneur with an Oyster card. Is that at a thing? Expect more if it. Today will be different. It's more about speedboats today, and client styling. Focus off the Flaneur onto the flannáge, right?

Stubbs out.