Procrastinating like a mother-plucker right now- on deadline for the FT, right, so what do I spend my time doing? Sniffing round my favourite current style obsession of late: Late 1970s Cartier de Must watches. Love those guys. Been writing about watches in the week, for The GQ, yeah, and managed to get them into a piece on modernist design in The Seventies. They came at the end symbolising the advent of Post-Modernsim, see. Was well pleased. Hope GQ/Cartier is as flipping excited as I was.  Also excited as just bought the cufflinks featured below said Tank, check 'em.

In the late Seventies Cartier belonged to a few different groups of people and one lot, the NYC lot, started making these silver plated guilt versions of the Tank. The "Cartier de Must" range, as in "Cartier- Its a must!" as is once reported to have been exclaimed by a sale assistant at some point. They started off being $150. Anyway, they did hand wound and quartz versions in various faces that included lacquered onyx, coral, ivory, lapis-lazuli*, tortoiseshell and garnet. Love the 'naked' dial with sword shaped hands and logo- no markings. The lizard straps are amazing too. They are almost jewellery and that's partly what is so bloody good about them. The other brilliant thing is their Seventies-ness. So rich- look at the tortoise shell guy below. It's a girl's one or would have bought. Wish when went to Basel/SIHH someone would do this sort of thing. Come on you lot.

Know what would have 'teamed' (as we say at The GQ) it with? These cufflinks below. They're hawk's eye and guilt silver. Think I might be a guilt-silver guy. Fuck solid- who cares? We're all gonna perish soon- it's all about enjoying it while you can, not saving up your wedge forever, no?

So, back to Cartier de Must. In the Eighties they started doing tri-colour gold versions too. This one is battered, but you get the picture.

Then one could consider some Rhodonite (is that even a real substance? Come on..) Grandee cufflinks to go with. Can imagine whole outfits to go with this lot. Gucci snaffle loafers in exotic leather, brown or cream tailoring, jewellery, chests, everything. Bring it. Actually, wait. Can you hold off till Friday afternoon, then bring. Thanks awfully.

That's two hours gone. Now all I have to do is contact my neighbour and get his trees cut back. Stealing my light they are. It's a liberty. On hold to Hackney council as I type. That'll learn 'em.

Stubbs out/properly under it/you know all that..

* I think I had that for a while once. Cleared up with a course of ointment.