D-B 1.5

Am investigating D-B 1.5 today/yesterday. Not a new Aston Martin, or anything to do with Beckham, but in fact the new tailoring format that simply everyone is talking about: One & a half-breasted. Its evolved largely from separates protagonists like Brunello Cucinelli (click) and Rake (click), but blow me up* if its not a thing. It involves a shallow wrap, or cross-over, meaning the jacket hangs well when not done up. Its like a less over-blown version of D-B that still has the wrap-chic quotient kicking off.

Brunello Cucinelli SS13

No doubt Mr. Bryan Ferragamo is gonna now have a kick-off himself about this styling, but what can you do. Thats a really nice, pert little jacket up there, despite faded plum skinnoid-chinoids and the slightly odd inclusion of outwear-under.

Rake AW12

Rake are at it with aplomb, not a plum, see. Rake's slim D-B 1.5 forms the mainstay of much of their tailoring, and we all know how good that is, right? Been dropping my unstructured one all over the shop. People have wept. Meanwhile I got Louis, I got Armani, I got other leads too..Not gonna post them now-too, too hectic, and holding back anyway. D-B 1.5 a thing, trust. Has many style benefits. Shan't go into now. Prepping the Gandy interview for later. Also prepping the style summit am having with Duchess McKay-Telegraph editorial creative and watch-chic soothsayer. Went down The Westfield East last night to get new camera- god it is mad down there- like a different country- a different view- a different atmosphere-tropical carnival retail war-zone theme park- totally berserk-anyway- it ruined all my timings. Have new/replaced camera at least.

Stubbs out.

PS. Think I might be a trifle obsessed with italics. Think its an addiction, Dagnabbit.

* Not with an Olympic bomb or anything. Just with a bit of a shock, right?

Giorgio Armani AW 12