Last night's Olympic opening ceremony was well documented elsewhere, so shan't bang on. Will say a portrayal of quintessential Britain without any Morrissey, seems quite a glaring omission. Then again in a bill hosted by TV's Trevor Nelson, The black Alan Partridge*, it was perhaps for the best. Speedboat based torch deliveryman Beckham however did his country proud. Wearing a two-piece, two button, navy wool Thom Sweeney (click) suit he looked by far the most elegant thing of the night. Well done Dave. Well done Thom and Luke.

Didn't see it all, and am still curious how they got Dave up the canal, as seems to be all manner of lock based obstacles on route while was out running there not an hour ago, but that's merely a logistical detail. Navy suit and tie with white shirt always gonna look correct, as did the wider width tie (breathes massive sigh of relief/joy). Pocket square a trifle stingy in comparison to other elements, but am turning a willing blind eye. Not so with Nelson's inadequacies.

Stubbs out.

PS. Twitter melted down so badly with Anti-Trevor based abuse the BBC had to take him off:  not so Clever-Trevor. My favourite quip was "credit to those actual employees of the NHS dancing there, well done, some of who probably don't have a natural sense of rhythm". Expect the diary looking pretty full for Trev regardless, but doubt he'll be getting his own talk show now. Not at least until Nelson gets his eye back.

* Credited to JWalters, Lower Clapton.