So gotta write diktats for being a modern gentleman as much as possible before the end of today. Sure can manage that- all I need is library full of reference, check, and a polaroid camera. Gulp. Just let me get out the starting blocks. Gentleman, gentleman, um... Know who this fella is? Liked him a lot when was at school. Was probably a gentleman but did wear rather a lot of slap for a Comprehensive.

This is quite hard to go get going, so a spot of style-gawping at Paris mens SS13 is sure to help, right? Okay, okay, I've got one..

'-A modern gentleman never uses an emoticon when a perfectly well-placed shoulder jacket and two bottles of Gavi de Gavi in a small, pale, nappa holdall will suffice'.

Berluti SS13

Have you met Marcus Gavi? Now he's a gentleman for certain. Look at his green loafers for starters. Say no more.

Stubbs out.