Just filed my FT HTSI thing about leathers and other hide based outwear. From my massive research, discovered that muted black shearling, sheepskin and suede appear to be emerging as a strong alternative to leather. Not only does the stuff look right in a non-glossy, and tempting-tactile way, the matt finish and organic feel to it is flattering to older fellas battered fizzogs/complections too, a frequently debated subject on S&E.


Brioni always do a couple of top end hide pieces, this is the best this year- black suede with a mink collar. Not completely convinced about what the toggle string thing is for. A good jacket though.


New owners, new creative director at Belstaff, (The obnoxious playboy Mannonetti brothers have gone). They've done things like croc' bikers and Roadmasters and whole parade of longer length military jackets, but the best works are the oiled shearlings with taped seams in muted/faded blacks.


Also a new fella in charge of design at Spanish leather house Loewe, Stewart Vevers. So far so good Stuey baby. Liking the sheepskin bonded with suede in cocoa and black suede/sheepskin.

Is this a bit straight for you lot? I'm rather liking, but hell, what do I know? More leather reports later in week as I come to conclusion. Think leather week worked okay, no? Hope Gillian does too.

Stubbs out.