Picked up my Emmett creations from Nashman at Emmett yesterday (click). We go deep tweaking these things, tiny details change the accent surprisingly. Nash is damn good at this game. I am pretty damn pleased. Pointed collar shirts: This is The Soprano in contrast white and beige. Might order Goodfella or a Casino next if they do them, which I doubt. Was gonna have holes put in the collar for a bar but the thing is too nice for that and bars have gone woefully mainstream.

Got a vintage Hermes tie that's gonna function with this so well. Pointed closed collar, cocktail cuff, slight stretch to the fabric. Am such a happy fella. And this guy below is a blue number with the Leece pointed collar, and covered placket*. These closed collars are doing it for me. I find it quite odd how potent they are at adding attitude and edge to suit looks. Funny that.

Funny how? I mean, what's funny about them? Like a clown, they amuse you?

Stubbs out.

*Bryan, just let it go, eh? Nan-Myoko-Renge-Dang, Nan-Myoko-Renge-Dang, etc.