Morning style monitors. How's it a g'wanning pray tell? On it like Grommit this morning I have to say. Aside of all manner of posturing and tweaking with writing stuff and that, picking location for shoot am doing with JW and Gandy next Monday. Off to Dolce after lunch for a fully blown off the scale lifestyle call in. A world of Dolce and Gandy. Dave and I going to retire together you see*. We'll need plenty of clobber. He doesn't know yet. But am sure will be fine. Look where I've got lined up for us. In France I notice they call big houses Pensions sometimes. Are the two related one wonders?

Doing some other style based research today to, so big shame camera is naused. Dagnabbit. In other news, why doesn't someone off Twitter want my massive desk for Christ sake? Whats the matter with ya all? Gonna have to dash it in street as consequence. Pah!

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.

* for about eight hours, maybe ten. It's all I can afford.