Obsessed by these shorts that I found. I mentioned already, they're by William Fox & Son and they're at Present in Shoreditch (clicky). There's loads on the Present site, but can't help but put a couple of shots of my ones up. Love the fabrics, sourced I am told by founder/designer Eddie Prendergast from Japan. All small repeated vintagesque patterns- a bit Marni, a bit old Miu Miu- but not. Really smashing colours, well away from standard blocky-bold, bloke on holiday fair. This is particularly good aspect. They also have an excellent pert cut. So pleased with the guys at just £115 a short.

With the peccary Car Shoes (clicko) and a Sunpel tee will be just the ticket for Tuscany I think. Eddie's gonna be doing tailoring and shirts and that for AW12. Its going onMr.Porter, and some other gaffs. Yes Eddie, back in the menswear stakes in a big-style way. Count on my full support.

I didn't actually buy the blue ones for me. Got them for Matey off the box. Good though, no?

That antiquey pink background is lovely to the stars and stripes. Anyway, am on bleedin' deadline as per, hence my proctrasti-posting. Best slip off eh.

Stubbs out.