Flying jackets are showing up big on my monitors while writing my leather essay. This Gucci one is horse leather with shearling collar. It's in amongst much leather and hide based stuff hanging about on my laptop- fast becoming a digital tannery- sort of. Morrissey would no doubt throw a wobbler. Shame as some of them might quite suit him as it goes. This piece am writing taking shape slowly, so not gonna bang on at length. Gonna nause the d-line for sure though.


This fella below is wearing Ami, that relatively new French brand that is rather good. Doing well at Matches and Mr.Porter (clicky), stands to reason gotta be quite good, non?


Then there's this lamb nappa number from Bally, water repellent leather, with shearling collar and cashmere lining. More retro WWII US flyer than others am sure you'll agree.


Then there's the pre-collection flyer from Vuitton. Must say loving that plywood V motif backdrop. Coat nice too. Waiting for stats, but bet that's a shaved mink collar we're looking at. Oh yes.

Louis Vuitton

More later if ya fancy it.

Stubbs out.