Am on it for belts. On it, like Gromit. Dig a slim, standard format belt, see post on American Apparel (click), but sometimes buckles can almost spoil the line of things, especially if not tucking ones top in. Have discovered a couple of belt options that dispense with hardwear and buckles altogether and in so doing look double stylish at the same time. Gotta love a Margiela accessory, no?

This one I just got in sale, also in a grey colour way. Really interesting coloration with a sort of embossed grid/tread pattern. Quite fascinating object as well as good belt, almost like a Replicant-snake. NB. Is not trimmed in blue, thats just how the dye photographed. Margiela specialises in non-hardware belt action. See Mr. Porter version (click) below.

Tod's also at it. In Milan I observed their Greca numbers, seen here in precious materials, namely dead reptiles. Their people are getting back to my people on this, namely me.

Grey take on first Margiela option also pretty, pretty cool, no? So what do we think accessory fanatics, like 'em? If ya do might research it a bit more. Might do anyway.

Stubbs out.