Doing some freestyle retail research up in Liverpool and got sucked into these button tops. Evoke a couple of before stances. Before as in sort of old fashioned resort feel to them. A trifle Fifties, a bit Mob-esque when teamed with gold. Or perhaps they're more old retired fella in Marbella. This guy below is Cotton/linen/silk mix, quite dry handle, touch of Missoni about it, but is in fact Fabrizio Del Carlo (click).

Also feeling this one from Fabrizio with extended placket and unusual sleeve cut. Both gonna get dropped with new high waisted Brinos that have ordered- pick up today, gold, loafers and a tan. Not polos, which am a trifle bored with seeing, but not shirts. They are lux-leisure wear- which is where am going for my summer stance on tour. They're all about texture, subtle colour and handle, right? They've got a low-key retro overtone from before that your trendy wendy's won't give a hoot about. Bonus.

Then there's this major lux-casual piece by Tom Ford, £650 down to £350. Was so, so nice, but can't justify that sort of wedge. Just had to walk away.

Its interesting that the top was called Renee*, as this song seems to say it all. Uncle Levi? Fellas? Lets hear it?

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.

* Was called Levi as it goes, but didn't work with song so well.