Achtung men of style: This weeks writing roster consists of an essay of the utter cruciality of leather coats next season. Also how to spot a non-gentleman through his shoes and other sartorial tells. Plus something more practical/less exciting to do with Boot-Camp on the telly. Almost sounds like am outlining the character attributes of the German commandant of a prisoner of war camp in an American WWII film, nein? Almost, but am not. Regardless, why is leather gonna be so damn important this winter, hm? Is it cos we're all supposed to buy something that will last well after the EU collapses around us perhaps? I'll buy into that. Schnell! Schnell!


It could be that as the dark smart coat trend and the leather thing converge, thus these two guys are at the zenith of menswear thinking. Could be. Or could they just look a bit smart-agro and chic-sinister and some of us are ready for it?


These two are both trenches, obviously, but leather and shearlings and sheepskins abound in all manner of guises. Posting all tailored ones for you chaps at mo' however. Gotta keep some sort of focus. Do like this overcoat sheepskin below.


Aside of pukingly tight deadlines, gotta let the sparks in now as he's gonna adjust my austerity lighting so can dim to get full austere effect in the evenings. Cant wait for winter; sat about in the gloom in a leather trench coat. Just add Max Reinhardt on Radio 3 in the right mood and will be like something from The Night Porter with similar amounts of cigar smoke, less accordions and bigger breasts.

Stubbs out.

PS. More leather action on its way as I unearth it.