Just looked at the Great Gatsby 2012 trailer (click). I'm rather pleased to say it looks quite pony. There is vocoder, repeat, vocoder in the sound track. They've over egged the deco graphics so it looks like Biba, and it says 'Christmas in 3D' at the bottom. Hilariously naff. Am glad its shite so can feel good about liking old films better. Ralph obviously did the costume in the first one. I forget who's doing this- a reader did inform me/us before but clean forgot. Am not convinced on any level.

People in Milan were talking about it as a fashion reference, fine. I don't like DiCaprio's dark shirts he's wearing in much of the trailer and one fears the collar pin is about to be consigned to the mainstream cycle of overkill in a big way very shortly via this film. Never get any credit for being about five years ahead of the curve, does one Edward? Anyway, still liking a bit of Twenties reference regardless. How about these guys from Jimmy Choo?

Not for an every day flex, but with the right summer garb think could get quite into these. Fringe, wing tip, loafers - Hel-lo.  Also saw this nice look attaché -Zenith watch combo actually at Choo's do. The attaché was Choo too.
Barnaby Ferry in khaki at Choo, with Choo and Zenith
Like this Zenith a lot too- looking up a better images but is the 'smoked something or other' affair. Large open face layout with graduated tint on dial, simple batons- quite Seventies. Thought Barnaby from ShortWrist-the model here- looked quite Bryan Ferry when he did military in Roxy. No one agreed. Meanwhile, so under the deadline cosh that might just vomit down my Orlebars.

Stubbs out.