Was driving into town yesterday through back of Dalston, yeah, trendies everywhere, right. Ready for a flat-out day of appointments and retail stuff around town where found there were even more try hard trendies in effect-ranging from young to not remotely young. Bless 'em- still struggling away despite the times ticking on. I had on classic Burbs Trench, black Gucci snaffles with webbing, true blue jeans, oatmeal cashmere round neck and gold trimmings/kettle etc. Camp-Tout was the look, and was feeling fine (if not under the cosh) when on cold pleather seats- well it suddenly struck me -how glad I was not to be a trendy after all.

Kramer vs Gucci

Even many of the older buggers are still chasing a well worn, slow evolving, one trick/two trick pony model of cool, and its not that convincing. Trendy is so achingly popular and standard is almost got fashion rheumatism. Many of the young look okay in it, granted, but the older ones, trying to keep it together in rolled up pants, quiffs, B-Store bits and double denim/DrMartin chic just look tired and silly- like pipsqueaks in chinos/chambre shirts, or massive out of shape lumps with beards, fat arses sicking out of flight jackets. Quite bad. Some need to get a grip and get dignified, others just need to stay in more. Have an idea some of you, I bleedin' dare ya.

Gucci woven snaffle loafer (click)-sort of epitomises look am thinking of.

Am not saying am original- but am making sure using a blend of different references that not gonna look like rent-a-hipster wherever abouts happen to be, right? Gotta say what was happy about is my look was to do with stuff I love but trendy wendys don't even care about- and probably couldn't go there even if they wanted to wedge wise. Other key bits have been plundered, but think am going to re-cultivate the flash leisure stance from the mid Eighties without fear gonna become common fashion fair. Eg. don't think gold gonna work well for the young Dalston lot-or the haggard style-studious that channel the look into older more expensive translations- you know, Dover St. Martket or LNCC looks. Even the posh Chelsea/Mayfair set don't do it quite right-they walk too slow/fast at the wrong times. New stance includes leather or sheepskin-rather conveniently. Also cashmere, loafers, denim, gold jewellery, and all time classic outter-wear.

Bacon/Pesci- proper chaps

Think might start dressing like tanned well-off older Golf bloke who's got the run of Europe to dress up flash in. Quite Sans Trop' villain meets theatre luvvie to keep balance right. Like Francis Bacon cast as Tommy DeVito in Goodfellas- a healthy dash of camp with the classic chap references, know what I mean? Gonna write more under the heading- why am so relieved am not a trendy. Might be a thing. Never know. Not articulated this properly but am gonna elaborate on all the elements am thinking of. It's way more than the look I just outlined. Its a whole new focus on S&E, you dig?

Stubbs out and under the cosh still.

PS. Hoffman image not ideal, but hey, am under the cosh okay, and oh- did I mention Dustin and I have had a bit of a chat about trench coats and Guccis, no? Yeah, well we did.

PPS. The sheepskin coat is Zegna, remember? Am going big on it, or at least I plan too.