Sounds like a villain out of The Sweeney, no? Anyway, Dennis had parked his Rover 3500 Vanden Plas round the corner from The Row during LC:M and got nabbed outside Hardly Aimless. I like the boy's casual demeanour teamed with low-key Sunday style, especially as he was reporting from the street for The Telegraph. Dennis appears to be getting his tailoring done in Asia despite it looking quite like classic Brit-fair. Note: George not the only bod on Saviles to be up to that caper.


-Bass Weejun 'Logan' loafers (click)- Looks like they've become an LC colon favourite from my limited research. Beware: there are some properly horrid shoes on their site, woah. Nice version Dennis, nice version.


- J+ Uniqlo pants- are good, yeah?

-Herringbone tweed jacket made for Dennis in Vietnam.

-Grandfather's RAF hat badge.

-COS bag.

In a bit of deadline-jam here so gonna come back to this.

Be nice fellas.

Stubbs out.