Came upon the word bijouterie last night while rattling on about matters in the realm of cufflinks. Rather hoping it pertains to something small and delicately worked. Or things which are small but tasteful. If that's the case, it's the watch word cufflinks merchants are looking for. Mother seemed to like it at least. If not, I've naused it, and it actually means a collection of trinkets, which works in different and incorrect manner. Bijou cufflinks might be a safer way to put it. Regardless, look what linkage Asprey suggested to me (click). They're charming little things, simply totes bijou, no?

Asprey Two layer stone cufflinks with smokey quartz (tot 0.88ct) and peridot (tot 12.8cts), set in 18ct white gold - £3,000

Two layers of stone, smokey quartz with peridot set inside. Special. Also rather taken with these space-age looking 'bouton' guys made from what appears to be polished stone. Shall update with accurate substance account shortly when our probe feeds back data.

Asprey Oval stone bouton cufflinks in hematite (tot 72.75cts) with sapphire centre (tot 2.55cts), set in 18ct white gold. £5,250

This is obviously the 'Haute Cufflinkery' end am banging on about at the moment, but gotta a start somewhere. Am more an ebay kind of fella myself, which seems to deliver that found, individual quality so well, yet more affordably. If you're prepared to look for long enough of course. The packaging that cufflinks turn up in off ebay is also always a surprise/treat. If you're into more individual/one off fare, and have wedge, consider New York company Foundwell on Mr.Porter (click).

They source and restore watches and man stuff like this apparently, see below, but waiting to hear more, as ever, before can say with any authority and conviction. Nice pair of bits though, no?

Must also show yas Hermès link-work as not only are they double chic, but for once they're representing at a more reasonable price point. This rather demonstrates how my research has gone a bit off the scale on this piece. Still, gotta know the full spectrum I suppose. Below and on the left, the bracelet buckle style from the iconic 1946 Boucle Sellier women's jewellery pieces, frequently revisited.

Hermès also reference designs from recent ‘Meteors’ women's collections with the Russian cut facets taken from rings and necklaces. Think are made from matt, brushed silver I think, but again, my people are checking this. The ones on the end are pretty boring though, no?

Really need to get on as currently losing my usual procrasty/word-count-overy battle with reality/work. What a loser/talker of luxury twaddle, eh? Properly bijouteried myself off the game again,  it would seem. More later? Who knows.

Stubbs out.

PS. Might be debuting a pair of imported links myself later, if only could find a reason to drag self down The Claridges...

PPS. Simply couldn't resist yet one more showing of Fabergé's fabulous links. Look at those little charmers. 'Anatoly' they're called. You can even get miniature cigarettes to go with them. Imported mind: triple spenny.

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