Some people might say my life is in a rut, but upon returning from my Lisbo-Italia trip I'm quite happy with what I've got. Namely a newly 'tanked', concreted and notably empty cellar. Love my new cellar. It's desperately symbolic. New clean start, radical reorganisation, first room ever technically had built, et al. Granted it is underground- but this is a new beginning.

The contents were moved by trusty Tolkienian/Moldavian grafters into my shed and living room, both now fully full. They smell like a fusty old junk shop as a result of cellar-gear transplant (the rooms, not the Moldavians). Telling cellar fact- dampness makes things go a trifle vintage- not in good way, which is why had it tanked and concreted. Cellary would be one way to describe relics previously parked down there that now have to be dispatched/destroyed/restored, but love a process. My womenswear collection from 20 years ago, a decade of mags, another of weekend supplements, mainly pointless, some distinctly poignant however. Let it begin.

It's all gotta be painted, some awfully de rigeuer shade of grey, but first to light the space. Back to the old house of Historic Lighting (click) for ceiling/wall fittings, one special one for the chest-of-drawers that shall be under the steps, maybe one for the underground bathroom cabinet.

Bakelite slanted guys I think best, so can put in ceiling neatly to the side. Plus one straight number for the cabinet, as everyone knows in this area, no one puts Bakelite in the corner. Then there's the switch. Another massive arena for stylish procrastination as find plethora Bakelite Dolly switches available. Period House Shops (click) are rather good, but then there's vintage vintage too (click).

Regardless, gonna get on with this whole caper now as many other issues become pressing. Nineties furniture to be placed on street, mags to be edited, records to be dragged out and played. Then there's actual work too. Me, I've enough already on my plate, but do expect style on Style&Error tomorrow as normal service is resumed, except newly improved, naturally. Take it away Paul..

Stubbs is back in The Metropolis.

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