Is 32k too much gear? Doesn’t seem like it to me. The airline people keep bringing it up and charging more, the rotters. Three locations- three whole stories- two seaside based affairs- one Opera and a Roman holiday. How would one not need options? At Lisbon airport was forced to remove a clear kilo of pants in a clear plastic bag to get self down to 32k.

Avid readers may have noticed I’ve failed to post for a couple of days. I’d like to apologise to all three of you for this- but unfortunately I over art directed my cable-packing schedule before leaving Clapton and failed to pack my cable at all. Quite a bad scene having to squirt your copy through a feeble dongle before the whole thing passed away into dead Mac land. Anyway Lisbon done now- just arrived in Rome.

Busy playing Roman five aside now so can't stop to banter at this juncture- Serigo Rossi, Salvatore Ferragamo up front, the Fratteli Rossetti's, and the new signing from Car Shoe. Am applying squad rotation, naturally.

Stubbs out.

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