I've been banging on there's not many/any stylish/elegant cufflinks about, suggesting most of whats on offer is a trifle basic in thinking, blocky, bloke-ish and generally lacking verve. Its reverse sexism in jewellery form. I've been extolling the virtues of vintage instead. Well, now am writing something about cufflink style for The Telegraph, and have thus researched possibilities of current or classic luxury and jewellery cufflinkage. Turns out there's some rather delightful pieces about at a high level, featuring refined beauty and all sorts of cuff-finesse.

Fabergé Felix cigarette case style

Thing is, gotta a whole roster of other things to look into too, then write about them. Sometimes that bit can be a proper bind. Anyway, means not gonna do the full cufflink showcase today am afraid. I know promised to do 'links before- but this will happen, honestly. These four are pretty special for now though, no? Already mentioned how much like the Fabergé 'links that saw in Basel.

Cartier 'backgammon' motif.

Then there's these achingly subtle backgammon board inspired Cartier fellas. Love them.

Van Cleef & Arpels Rubies and diamonds.

Okay, these are pretty much fine jewellery from Van Cleef, but the little cut raspberry's worth noting anyway. Have more from those Parisian chaps too for when we do the showcase. Would so love to be wearing VC&A 'links. Dunno where, just would.

Lanvin bow tieLanvin bow ties.

And rather like these bow tie guys from Lanvin at Matches. Playful yet elegant, chic yet in comparison a very swallowable £125 from Matches, yeah?

Speaky later my faithful style-droogies, speaky later...

Stubbs out.

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