Door knobs are like cufflinks for rooms. In a way. These guys here are American and date from 1860. They're made of ceramic and remind me of the new cufflinks that I bought from Thailand, see previous post about Cartier at bottom (click). Maybe that influenced me, but I firmly knew I definitely wanted two pairs of these for living room and bedroom. That in a myriad knobs was quite a strong message. Gotta love a myriad knobs.

Afraid the knob gags are unavoidable. It's only by chance I managed not to say anything about firmness. Regardless, this porcelain fella is one of ten for my wardrobe doors. Am thrilled to have them on the team quite frankly. Lets have a big hand for the new wardrobe fellas. I have my wardrobe knobs at shoulder, not waist height- this alarms certain people. I say relax-don't do it.

The two fancies below are French, appropriately enough as they are destined for my French windows. Done the window of opportunity gag, so shan't trouble you again. They're were not cheap, but it seems in Norfolk they will respond to a trifling haggle.

The shop is called Stiffkey Period Lighting and it is brilliant (click). Worth a visit to North Norfolk alone. While you're there mind, you could do some other stuff. I went and got an ECG scan for example. The knob guy Colin, who deals in 'Door Furniture' is not represented on the site, which is a shame. The lighting was berserk interesting. Can't do it justice- best if you tootle on up there I think.

Gotta get on with actual work now- but hope to regale you of recent discoveries in Italian sartorial smart casual when I get a moment. Caruso, MP Piombo, that sort of thing. Did I mention I was going to Italy soon? There's more from this shop too. Something to hang your Piombo on? Don't even get me on one, they're completely off the hook.

Stubbs out

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