Am to finish off piece on 'one-and-a-half breasted' today or suffer extraordinary anxiety, as leave country in less than one and a half days. Shan't bore ya, not till I have time at least. While researching this have become very interested in MP Massimo Piombo. Something odd happened with the old set up at 'Piombos' manufacture last year, I wouldn't know what, and now they've launched again as MP Massimo Piombo and are now produced by Kiton (click).

Here's a couple of looks that work as the shallow DB am banging on about, I hope, from their AW12 collection. I like the styling - has a feel of some mad eccentric toff critic guy about it, no? In a good way of course. See the whole collection on Style.Com (click), where Tim Blanks explains things very nicely too.

The pieces would be amazing individually, but not seen up close yet. Hope to speak to Massimo later about whole scene, so perhaps will be able to elaborate. For now, cheerio.

Stubbs out.

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