Researching Art Deco for a style story all day yesterday, a term that doesn't half get bandied about a lot, no? Want to go steady with it myself on that basis. It wasn't even coined till the 1960's, but now it apparently gets applied to pretty much any modern design/art between the main wars. Gonna come back to you on this with my ideas, no doubt unwieldy and unfounded, but thus far am interested in a couple of key parts only, and don't care about the rest for now, okay. Do love a Lempicka too mind, just look at the cut of that jacket and that tie! Amazing unstructured rendering - no?

So briefly, characteristics of Art Deco that matter to me right now are, contradictory elements, conservatism meeting exotic references, classic and avant garde interacting and also a healthy dose of optimism tainted with angst about terrible things. How'm I doing?

Anyway, gotta dash and interview a Cartier archivist before I start getting too misguidedly opinionated about Must De Carts' too.

Stubbs out.

PS. Nice ring/manicure matey.