My new 5cm Speedos have arrived. Am absolutely loving them. Gonna post this and take them and packet down the Lido. Strongly advise this style of Budgie Smuggler is the correct choice for stylish men to swim in, and even hang about Italian beaches in. Looking at them on, am a trifle concerned they might actually be Wren Trafficers, not fully fledged smugglers. I wonder.

Buying additional pairs is now taking over the afternoon. They're hard to find in correct sizes these days. Walters is at it too now as his girlfriend has been pushing for pouch action and he sees my purchase a green light. Its like that being an opinion former you know. We're currently locked into a bidding war over a pair of khaki 8cm (refers to side width) ones in a size too small for either of us in our present states (of fitness/physique, not arousal you understand) . More trunk news as and when it happens style fanatics.

Stubbs out.

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