I follow the Sartorialist on Twitter to irritate myself. It works very well indeed. Yesterday the little fella posted a link to his dinner in Florence where all the Sartorialist favourites sat around a white table cloth, ate together and got photographed: Luca Rubinacci, the Italian bloke with a leather face, the other Italian bloke with a leather face and grey hair, they were all there. Fair dos, it's their scene, and they do look pretty good, mainly (click), have a shufty. However, they're all doing that beady/stringy wrist thing as if their lives depended on it. Perhaps it's a prerequisite for the meaningful, expressive hand gestures that are also a big part of this look.

I know we all have gang/team motifs and badges that appear to define our tribes, but this 'wrist-cult' has a built in carefree suggested nonchalance of the individual about it they all revel in, but it is in fact the complete bloody opposite. It's a totally contrived, indentikit look, and they're all compelled to work it. It almost says, don't be fooled by the £8k kettle: I've chosen to wear significant friendship bracelets and spirit beads because I roll deep, yeah.. When are that lot gonna give it up? There has to come a point when one of the opinion forming ones goes, 'Think am fed up with all this wrist tat. Damn it, am gonna take it off. Moncef, fetch the large shears'. I wonder what they look like naked with them still on. Teak/Cuprinoled refugees about to be hosed and relocated, or Dog-and-String people at a nudist colony? Look at Picasso by contrast. He's all latin, lined and tanned, but was quite happy with a snout, a hat, a striped top, a watch and a revolver.

There's one fella at the table not doing it. The black bloke in the skinny brim trilby is sat on his hands - That's Sam Lambert - The Designer from Spencer Hart. Nice one for not doing the bead thing Sam - unless you actually are doing it under the table. Not got a complete beef with the beady look, just find this sort of individualist ubiquity a bit pony, right? Alternative wrist action to be considered.

Stubbs out

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