-Olympic Gold Medalist/Tour de France winner works mohair one button suit stance-

Wiggins met Weller at an Adidas do on Monday where the Stone Roses were playing. Wiggins is a Mod and therefore Weller is his hero. Cycling is such a Mod sport- always has been, and Wiggins is such a Mod. I think this is smashing, as so often big-achieving athletes and the like are complete mono-nerds and can only do one/think about one thing. That or they're like horrid Old Bill characters with starry, cold eyes. Either version is usually bereft of culture or style. G'wan Bradley Wiggins, Mod-cylcling hero and style merchant to the people. Think he's wearing a tonic (maybe royal blue and black) mohair suit- which have just been told is by Mark Powell (click)- the light button would back that up. Also Wiggo is so lanky he'd need bespoke. Note slightly rope-shoulder- he's in great shape too, really good in a lean one button. Completely digging the tab long collar-again gotta be Powells handwriting- but then am a firm believer and it makes such a big difference to the attitude. He's finished it off nicely with dark tie and what am certain are Paul Smithy shoes as they're pals (maybe could have done a tad better there). Wiggo's sidies are non-conformist- as he's taking the authentic later Sixties mod ethos right through. Talking of ethos/right through, Paul looks double good for his age, no? Love a light teak tan and a beautifully maintained Mod-Monk-feather cut. Its a credit to him. A longer shot reveals his pants were a bit lacking in narrowness- but shall certainly excuse that. Anyway, full marks for Wiggins- Winner and Style Merchant.

Stubbs out.

NB. Just marvel at the quality Mod-Cuddle execution- firm, brotherly and clipped. Wellers hand neatly/stoicly tucked into Wiggins compressed waist, fingers perfectly aligned, just enough clear sky between their hips, Wiggins large hand resting meaningfully yet orderly on Pauls shoulder. Text book Mod-respect-move.