So the Anderson&Sheppard thing last night was all about their new shop at 17 Clifford Street. In fact it's more like a bespoke Salon. It's not ready-to-wear stuff, except for trousers, hats and some almonds here and there, but is a boutique-like environment compared to the A&S shop up the road. People will come and see overcoats et al and think, "Cor, wouldn't mind one of those myself", and Mr.Hitchcock, Director, will run one up to your measurements, he told me. Bryan was there, again. I see so much of him at the moment, not so much of David Bowie these days. Is telling, no? Anyway,  place is grand, a take on a British theme and a departure from other Savile Row gaffs. The changing rooms were my favourite spot, where owner/Director Anda Rowland explained the handmade wallpapers handmade qualities to me once I'd mentioned how much I liked it. Sort of chocolate and gold. Nice stuff.

Catholic decorator: Wall to wall guilt.

The place is gonna be hosted by Audi Charles, famously popular and charming team member from Doug Haywards on Mount Street. Word is she's already pulling a crowd. See interview at end that did a few years ago, excuse that Terencec Stamp fella turning up half way through if you'd be so kind. Meanwhile, there were some interesting bods in attendance last night. Massey Inc. had done a fine job of handling the people. Best was Anthony Price, who had strong presence is his short jacketed three piece chocolate pinstripe.

Esther from The Rake magazine also wore tailoring to more striking effect than many in the room, in fact she looked great. Strange how she managed that. Below, Wei Koh, The Rake founder, also managed to function at a level above the grey/blue crowd. Bravo, Boss, here pictured with uber-publicist, Agent Massey, of Massey Inc., wearing what your might call Nouveau A&S, bigger lapels, soft shoulders, but almost slightly toned down/tightened up through the chest/shoulder.

Meanwhile, Baroness Mingay was in effect, as ever, even though this was not a Ming-Corp© production. Force of nature that one, sort of.

Spent time with John Holt off of (cant get link to work at moment, but will put one up), and his pal Alex. Dapper fellows both who helped me during the day with Matey off the Telly's Dad, Sean, and his wedding suit, for that big wedding. Nice work fellas. That's them doing skinny mirror three piece: Smashing looking stances men.

There's actually more to talk about from the evening and the A&S bout', but run out of time. Gotta do my interactive gentleman's presentation shortly. Stayed out of trouble despite copious opportunity, and crept/schlepped home on the 38 bus to meditate. Had curried goat at Granny's later. Bet Bryan didn't have curried goat. Right then, on to the performance. Okay, quite tense now. Tense, yes, that's what I am. Better apply a bit of pressure.

Stubbs out.

Admit put this shot in as was so pleased with new Rake suit, that wanted additional shot of it up, also to demonstrate Anda and I talking without opening our mouths- a Savile Row back-room thing.

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