The Rake magazine and Anderson&Sheppard are having a little do tonight for Bryan Ferry. This is a very sweet sentiment as it's not often Bry' gets out these days. I work for The Rake, wear A&S and love a bit of Bryan/Roxy, am blowed if am not going. Interesting juxtaposition- the current A&S crew and the old Bryan when he was in the service with Roxy, no? Below is Ferry more recently in A&S collecting a Duke of Edinburgh award for rambling and dry-stone-walling on behalf of Otis, who refused to get out of bed that day.

Meanwhile, this lot below don't half cut loose when the bell goes at 5pm, trust me. They burst out in their Scholte-sleeve suits, tear past Cecconis, kicking in chairs and knocking down tables. It's quite a sight, reminiscent of the Teddy Boys, except with baggy chests and soft shoulders. "Neapolitan? Don't call this an armhole, we've been here for years!" they chant.

We might only have two hours tonight, but expect all sorts. Shall regale later if can manage. Did anyone think to invite Eno?

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.

PS. Button hole stuff is pending, right. Bryan, take it away Darlink..

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