A massive long table was laid in Harrods last night for the Berluti dinner held to mark the opening of Berluti's ready to wear bit. Thought might be an intimate affair, me and few key style merchants. Was in fact an intimate 100 strong do turns out.

As we're on a celeb thing slightly this week, have to mention Bryan Ferry, not Ferragamo, was there, chatting away with young Antoine Arnault , Bernard's son and CEO of Berluti. Should have seen Bryan go during the luxury trolley dash that they did before the starters- left that George Lamb standing. Am interviewing Antoine later at Bulgari's Hotel. Let ya know if anything happens, yeah? Forgot to touch cloth etc. in the end. Too relaxed. Also forgot to make way to the cigars and lighters floor on own for a snoop about. Drat.

Was thinking about Bryan during the day, and then there he was. Was gonna suggest he did a cover of I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stoogs. Thought the lyrics would be quite nice if crooned. Didn't have the moment to say it in the end. George Lamb's pa charming fellow though I have to say. Sat next to him and it was most interesting. He's business partners with Sauvage out of A. Sauvage menswear. He got back from Burning Man just hours before. Quite a contrast I imagine.

Stubbs out.

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