So good they named it twice. Spelt it wrong both times though. Those crazy Italians. Only kidding, that's an ancient Roman type face, that is. Very keen on the Bulgari Bulgari, it's so unashamedly jewellerific. It was designed by Gérald Genta, modernist style merchant extraordinaire, the watch design equivalent of Vidal Sassoon and Giorgio Armani rolled into one, and handy little right back in his twenties. It's the first watch to use its logo as part of the design, emblazoned as it is twice on the bezel. Flash with panache.


Talking of flash, am picking a double Bulg' up today from the boutique for Stretch, my jeweller (click). Let you know if anything happens in the shop. It usually does. Want to do something on this watch and a few others. Unapologetically style driven watches are what interest me most these days. Done something in GQ about it, out October 4th. It's all about Gérald you know. He really laid down the style agenda in the Seventies, until eventually he went mental and did the Mickey Mouse watch. Big shout out to the double GG. Wonder how much they are on eBay at mo'?

BVLGARI Monete Antiche cufflinks.

BVTLERY BVTLERY might have been a better title for todays post as am spending the day doing style based butlering. Tricky Hermes liaison (a return), Chester Barrie (returns from Chivas), something for the sister in Primark (only kidding Julie), Thomas Lyte new bag auditions, go John Lewis (always John Lewis, always), a snoop around Matches and Liberty, (am just reading this off my list as it goes..). Actually, it's not quite pure butlering. Am getting measured up for a suit order at Chester Barrie. Am very keen to see how their new work functions in a made to measure scenario now it's had a Sexton-over. Shall I just take a load of pictures and some notes and see what happens? Almost like journalism, but with less of a plan, more of a shopping list? Talking of shopping, anyone see How To Spunk It at the weekend? No? Shame, dead good piece on leathers in it. By me.

Stubbs out.

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