Can you lot do me a favour and try to sing the title of today's post to Volare? You know, "Volare, woah, woah, woah.." No? Okay, never mind just thought it was cheery way to begin things. Regardless, I interviewed Antoine Arnault yesterday in The Bulgari Hotel. He's the CEO of Berluti, not Bulgari. LVMH owns 'em both though, see? His Dad owns the lot, right. One thing about LVMH is, no detail is left unaddressed. Here we see Antoine in full prosthetic disguise testing the doorman's outfits out. I think they're good. Unusual, and good.

Only kidding, that's not really him. Was actually a rather serious interview about Berluti ready to wear that we were doing. Damn he knew his stuff and was interesting. Shall regale you with some style facts/details at some point no doubt, but not in position to now. I concede my favourite part was perhaps that, as our risotto Milanese (a house speciality) arrived in a big vat for three, and I concluded the interview, switching off my minuscule dictaphone and putting away my massive pen, moments later, the music in the whole, almost full, restaurant subtly crept up. There had been none on before. They'd been watching the boss's son's runnings and acted accordingly. Classy.

Some really interesting stuff was gleaned, so I really will post some if it. Can't fault the Berluti team's thinking on this project I have to say. In one of the suites I took a shot of a giant macaroon in leather I'd like some shoes made out of.

The Berluti ready to wear was ready to look at in here. Here's a boot I rather liked on a sofa in a material that would quite like to have a suit made of .

Anyway, think I gotta go- do they take 'em for espresso- yes I would guess so - check out Dean's bow tie bello*-

Stubbs out , Dean, take it away..

* Note to editor, this is deliberate. Thank you Julie.

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