Style was such an easy game to play...until a bottle of water emptied into my holdall while was in Bulgari and had to tip entire bag contents on floor to save them. Top-end move, no? Regardless, I don't want to go too, too mad about The Chester Barrie thing, but its going to be hard for me not too. Have ordered a made to measure Chester Barrie suit. All the blocks there are now cut by Edward Sexton, this means ready to wear and MTM are full-on Sexton powered. Strong, no? I am impressed. RTW start at about £700-800, MTM slightly more, but not much. I think this is a coup. Men who want big presence/large lapel/strong-shouldered pizazz don't have to go for fully blown Sexton bespoke (dough) or Tom Ford (double dough) to achieve this stance. Who else can deliver this at the mo'?

A change is gonna come in the tailoring climate for the man on the street (a nicely appointed street mind) and this is one damn good way into something markedly different looking. Edwards cut it brilliant, but then he's taken care of all the proportions and balance too, right down to where all pockets placed/slanted and the pitch of the sleeves. Pivotal stuff. The RTW gear is dead good for the wedge involved. I tried on a 38R jacket to do my measure and it felt great on, in a black&white birds-eye. The fabrics are well selected too, making for something pretty damn formidable. This is a really important style moment for RTW/MTM vista both on and off The Row.

I've gone for the chocolate brown pinstripe that used on a fella the other day at Chivas, couldn't resist. Three-piece pinstripe affair with peak lapel, and a DB vest. Also gone for a straight cut pants that will look like a kick flare on.

Love that fabric and can't wait to be out about in it with a nice roll neck and some strong shoe action. A five week turn around and am there, which will no doubt fly by. Right now I need a place to hang my damp bag. Oh, I believe in Chester day.

Stubbs out.

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