A supposed to be reviewing LC:Mens for a magazine that I work for in position of Fashion Editor at Large. Have been largely doing everything else but this particular commission though unfortunately. Not been wasting time exactly, just tackling things in reverse order. The task of cleaning my C.P. Company cinched-waist down coat for example seemed really vitally important task on Wednesday night, before I settled in to actually write something.

Oliver Spencer SS 2013

Was loving the coat so much when wore it during day, thought would give it its Autumn freshen up before season kicked in. Decided to release the cinch so as to get right into the gathered area, a risk, as would be a disaster to lose one end of the cord inside the waist. Did this post wash and pre-dry. Was careful. Not enough. Lost cord. Spent hour and a quarter with watchmaker's screwdriver, nail file and needle attempting to retrieve. Hash tag fail. In the end took a scalpel, opened up seam, opened up the cinch mechanism inside and found embedded cord. Cool. Down everywhere and a proper repair job required, and it's only just gone Midnight. So happy with myself I was. Properly content. Cinch waste? Don't get me started. Oh, by the way,  I liked Oliver Spencer's show a lot. Great cinched-waist coat, yeah?

Stubbs out.

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