Bought this camel guy post adrenaline inducing incident on Tuesday from Sunspel (click), both on Redchurch Street. Riot? I'll give you a riot you film jokers. Looking at you, diet might be a more appropriate word to be championing. Regardless, both purchase and incident panned out well, I think. Rate very highly Sunspel and their Merino wool round neck knits. They're nicely fitted, which is critical I believe.

Now I gotta lose very slight 'leisure Derby' that have amassed since August, aprox the size/volume of a small Ginsters. Note. A Derby* is no good for the fitted knit look. The camel colour doesn't really show up in shot, does it. It's a rich, tangy camel. Almost Caramac/caramel. There's loads of different hues and shades of camel, isn't there, but we only ever say camel. This is also quite important. So, for Autumn, for casual, I am advocating fine knits, gold jewellery and leathers/sheerling/even sheepskin jackets, flash loafers and denim. One doesn't want to be in in a roll-neck the whole time, does one, and V necks without a shirt are for blokes who copy lifestyle adverts they see in magazines. So that leaves round-necks. Am I right?

Going running round The Downs now for aforementioned reasons and others. Lets do a camel hue naming pole shall we fellas? Special prize for most creative and evocatively named versions of camel. Nifty Shades of Camel as it were. Meanwhile am visiting Sunspel in Soho to touch clothe/knit later if can manage it. Let you know if anything happens, I promise I will.

Stubbs out.

* As in Derby Kelly, belly.

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