Seeing Man Who Fell To Earth on the big screen was big. Big and long. What a brilliant film. One forgets so much. And the way the story gets told is completely original. Completely amazing to watch even though have seen a number of times already. Dave is instinctively genius at the role, while the supporting actors all add to the madness and tension.

Roeg was very good afterwards in an audience with the audience, and left us with a few insights into both this film and Performance. Gonna have a proper think before put anything up willy-nilly, and also am under a bit of deadline pressure to actually finish what am supposed to be doing. What amused Holden and I the most from his stories was how as Jagger emerged from the dressing room on the set of Performance in pale face make-up, lips and heavy eyes with quite mad hair, one of the lighting bods turned and quietly said to Roeg "He'll look funny when he's fifty". An immortal line from Chas in the film was inserted directly from this. Handy having Herberts about like that on set, especially when one of the leads is playing a renegade Herbert banter merchant.

Stubbs out.

PS. The girl from yesterday was not Bebe Buell. The mystery continues.