Told you I'd find a picture of Bryan Ferry and Anthony Price from Anderson&Sheppard's do. Here ya go. Loving Price's chocolate brown pinstripe suit, as previously mentioned. With matching cap it was running things, yes Tony. He looks like he'd plant one on ya if you said the wrong thing, no? Meanwhile, Ferry looks his usual correct, if not Headmasterish, self in A&S. Well done men.

Talking of late arrivals, I brought the wrong shoes for today's wedding. Shoe bag confusion from previous bash. I know, I know, really quite bad for a stylist. Hash tag mistaken identity shoe issue. The alligator Vuittons are currently on a bike from Clapton to Kent. Tried to blag it on the X-Factor bike account. I appear to have expired. Just as I finished my espresso at breakfast, the password message came through from my insider on production, about twelve hours later, Winner, it said. How ironic.

Stubbs out.

PS. Do hope the shoes arrive in time for the church/castle.

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