Can't find Nike Air Zoom Marathons like the ones I've got on now. Looking for new ones without holes in. Worn right through the current guys. The top/sides mind, not even the sole. They're super light marathon shoes, but like them style-wise, so don't run in them. Have drawn a blank. Might have to go for these Asics Piranha's instead (click). Is there a lightness likeness I wonder? They're race shoes, but not gonna race in them. Nope. Thats a style thing that is, misappropriation, you know?

Asics Piranha SP4s

Loved these Marathon fellas, but they gotta go. I know it's over. Always loved a super light race shoe style. It goes back years. Might try and prove it later. For now, gonna swap light for light. White suede is so very practical, isn't it? Love white suede.

Nike Air Zoom Marathons.

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