Just begun writing up London Collections:Fellas* last night for a magazine (click). June feels like a while ago, no? Maybe its not, and my brain has been implanted with an Autumnal rain backdrop and its actually summer, and everyone's on their way to the beach? From the volume of water that came out of the Saabs roof yesterday, this feels unlikely. Regardless have to cast mind back somehow to gain clarity and bite, while dredging through shows and presentations, I found some notes or Marwood. I do remember moderately clearly that liked Marwood ties and pocket squares (click). They had a small prezza (presentation) in LC:M HQ at The Hospital Club.

Met the founder/designer person Becky French at the stand and had banter with. Its all very new, 2010-ish, but she's already selling to Fenwicks, Liberty and a couple of other key gaffs globally. There's lace, hounds-tooths and other unusual vintage looking fabrics all sourced from UK. There's some dead good patterns and colours going on, not all to taste, but if you like a non-mass-produced feel , or things that appear a trifle before, you'll get sucked in to something . Visit the site,  (click) or download the look book (click), isn't it.

If you're a bow-tie head, this brand has got to be a bit of you surely?  Some of the tie/scarf combos might well drop in evening/cocktail scenario if thats your angle too. I'll stop with the serving suggestions before you get the hump and log onto A Suitable Wardrobe (click, I dare ya). Talking of which, I appear to have nodded off from fashion fatigue in picture above.

Had a better title initially, but gonna save it as works for something else. Stayed tuned style maniacs.

Stubbs out.

* Okay is Men, not Fellas, but one gets so bored out here alone in the far recesses of Claptonia.

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