Excuse weekend pause in coverage, but been out on manoeuvres. Did say was going to post something on button holes, yeah? Well, ended up going with a selection of the pink roses from Columbia Road stashed in the footwell of the Saab in a Davidoff carrier bag. Very Nouveau Jermyn, right? Cut last minute on the morning of the wedding and pinned in a most low-key/no frills fashion. Think they worked well, no?

Excuse half pound of entourage based sausages on shoulder if you will.  Also deployed Chester Barrie gold collar bar to bring collar in without actually piercing it. Collar was just too, too new and white to make little holes in. Really pleased with that also I have to say: beige body of shirt by Emmett with white 'Soprano' (click) collar. Tie slimmer than what would normally go for with this sort of lapel, but the colour of this vintage Hermes number was spot on, so cut myself some slack. Custard yellow pocket square is Drakes, suit is of course Thom Sweeney. There was another fella in Sweeney there too, will dig out a shot if can find appropriate one. Don't want to compromise people's privacy, especially with prevailing climate.

The proper ushers had little Buttonniere's issued, with moulded stem and hat pins with balls on end. Very elegant they were too. Wonder if gold pins might be the way to go in this circumstance, to go with gold cufflinks, pinky ring and Dunhill Roller Gas? Just a thought. Do hope didn't solicit a yellow card for my steel ones. Will investigate before next occasion, really I will.

Stubbs out.

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