It's The GQ Men Of The Year bash tomorrow at The Royal Opera House. As a result, dress shoes have become a theatre of horse-trading amongst certain designer houses. Well, sort of. Christian Louboutin invited me to consider their collections, which are quite berserk in places. I don't think their priority is me actually wearing them myself to the do- but I do rather like a couple of the styles.

Many not quite suitable for matey off the box, who's coming too FYI, but these just might work with his look. Gotta love a pony in the evening, no? Especially a black one. Makes such a change. If not rowdy enough, how about these guys, the Co-respondent evening tassel loafer? Lawks a Lordy..

I actually very much like the Leopard affairs, but not for conventional black tie-obviously, no, but for when one needs to step up a gear for day-wear. Thinking more for Sunday brunch down the Chatsworth with a white linen short. Or perhaps early drinks outside the Lido with a narrowed light pant, hop-sack blazer and no top, Speedos drying off nicely next to you on the bench. Talking of which..

..please excuse the 'water marks', couldn't be avoided. Speak later on all matters GQ awards and black tie based. Meanwhile, can anyone tell me if it's okay to wear shorts to Cecconi's? Really need to know.

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.

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