About to recycle these silk printed shirts. They're Prada from SS1999. They've been archived in the Juergen Teller* for years. As avid readers will be well aware, have just had my *cellar done. It's lovely, as cellars go, smells of paint and is nearly dry. The rest of the gaff, temporarily filled with the contents, smells of cellar. This must change. I've been going through it. Side-tracked? Don't even get me started.

The reason they're not wearable anymore, aside from shift in taste, is that they've sustained irreparable damage. In Rio, during two unrelated and off-the-hook-lively incidents. Printed Prada silk just seemed to act like a magnet for trouble. Curious that. The orange one has tears down the front from when a gun wielding chap grabbed me and suggested quite vigorously I give him my watch and money. It's a longish story, but it goes on. I had Battersea's own JW with me. One gunman got chinned, his, and mine, received a minor shin scuff upon instruction and scuttled off in disbelief.

This used to be one of my main summer looks. White shorts, CP, Stoney or Burberry, running trainers and gold jewellery. Note. Wasn't wearing the Tom when in Rio. Got turned over anyway, but just for the record. The light coloured one saw me get jumped quite professionally rather too near the flavela at 3pm alone. Serves one right perhaps. Anyway, here's an idea. Thinking of having them both made into numerous pocket squares. What do you think? Could give a couple away to people.

The same person that suggested this recycling plan thinks should do the same with the gold chains. Melt it down and retying that is. Now we're thinking. Project green sartorial featuring pink ring? Could just work. Anyway, despite the heat, the yawning, empty cellar is calling me like a subterranean siren. I leave you with something to think about print/pattern wise. Brian, Bryan, take it away- Remake/Remodel...

Stubbs out.

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