Just got hands on the Stone Island Archivio '982-'012 book. It's riveting stuff, especially for Stone Island fans, who I believe to be a fiercely dedicated bunch. Forward by Carlo Rivetti is strong too. Aside from gems such as how the label got it's name and how the logo came about, he talks about founder Massimo Osti's producing an item so distinct that it simply had to be part of a new collection: Stone Island. Open it and find it's a piece lead guide to the S.I. years, with dates and fabric specifications just how we like it, as all Stoney fans know, it's all about the pieces.

I first wore Stoney in 1988 as a result of working in a clothes shop that sold it and the fact that my best pal was a rampantly dressed, vocal and highly aspirational Football Casual. Didn't exactly fit into what I was doing style wise until about 1990 however, when a stylistic shift in allegiances occurred. I think I found my first jacket in this book. Wish, wish I still had it, but I don't know why. For those that aren't familiar with its importance, Stone Island have been pushing fabrication/construction techniques and experimenting with menswear since 1982. They' re completely on their own in this respect. Outerwear and knits are particularly key, but to be frank, it's a whole mindset/ethos of what dressing can feel like. The stuff is entrenched with masculine values and motivations about the outdoors and beyond. It looks unique. Meanwhile, consider this stuff from the early days: Proper Blake's Seven some of it.

NB. There's a link at end to Mr.Rivetti talking about book.

AW '82 and is made in Tela Stella, the first S.I. fabric.

AW'83 also made of Tela Stella.

AW '84.

AW '84.

SS '86

Only got a few years into book and already lost a massive chunk of day. Must stop. Must also dig out my ultra lightweight cinched field jacket that I dearly love, but am not sure what its for. It speaks of purity, but only quietly, and very lightly. Sort of The Man Who Fell To Norfolk For A Nice Flask of Tea style. Anyway, I think they did another version of jacket above in '87 which my pal bought and then I repurchased later once I had amassed the correct 'currency'. My version had the metal buttons Carlo is chatting about in the video (click)

This book is coming out 11th October and is £95 from Stone Island outlets and museums. Tell me how do you feel about that? With my cinch-cinched and my lining on the outside, styling and wilding constantly smiling, I'll keep trouping in a badge called Stone Island.

Stubbs out.

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