Here's how it started, writing in the newspaper, thinking 'bout clobber and all that bother, when I realised, what the best thing at London Collection: Men's for London style? It was Hackett, yeah. Just doing something about Jazz Age style for my Telegraph watch page, and whole lead piece is propelled by Jeremy's show. I've got all the images, and they are immaculately, effortlessly executed by Lord Launguid himself, Mr. William Gilchrist. Jezza, Willy, this is extremely fine work, knocking the remake of The Great Gatsby into a cocked hat. What's Jazz for Braps?

Certainly it looks a bit like Ralph Lauren/Gatsby, but thats cos he 'sampled' it from our sartorial history in the first place, right Ralphy boy?  Too, too much retrospective for many am sure. Too constructed perhaps? Too much of a total look? I say do it. Channel it for now- sample the Jazz thing. Hang the straight running, slow acting nay sayers. The times is double right now, as the affluent West falls (much like in The Twenties) to dress the fuck up and live it while you can. If you do it like you mean it, your look will stand.

How many blue/grey day suit wearing days can we stand before we're over run anyway? The kids need not worry themselves, this one's largely for the older crew, right. More likely to afford all the trimmings too.

That said- you don't have to finish the looks of the same as William/Hackett,  but the colour palette and the idea of working a look fully is the way forward. Okay, Summer is/was over, but think on. There's so much attitude in these rounded or pinched tab collars too. How could you not take something from this show?

There's loads more looks, different takes on whole caper too, but simply gotta run darlinks. It's that do tonight, so off back to the venue where this show was held- The Royal Opera House. After an appearance down the L-I-D-O. Didn't ya hear - summer is back.

Before I go, I urge you to drop a fully blown Jazz look, off the scale something at least, this very week, while it's suddenly hot. Drop your style talent, show no fear, and simply forget about those who choose to judge but lack pizazz, yeah?

Stubbs out.

PS. One's main ambition today is to go straight from blue Speedos at the Lido to midnight-blue black tie at the Royal Opera House, no towel, just an Oyster, some Dax and a squirt of Vetiver Tonka- Talking all that Chlorine...

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