Did this event for Chivas Regal 12 last night in which I presented three takes of how a modern gentleman might dress himself. These were to highlight brand values of both said gentleman and Chivas 12. Instead of using models I wanted to tap into the experience Bum Bum Train had shown me and do something a bit interactive. We used actors who all did stuff as the presentation unfolded, unexpected like, ad lib and all that. I was in the middle of  things sort of hosting/presenting the style looks and the characters, all interactive like, while a cocktail barman did a drink for each man to go with look. It was quite a thing to pull off. I think it actually worked.

Not sure what can do with the concept yet, which am claiming, cause it's mine, but it's a new one for PR I can tell you. Respect to the PR Sara who said, go on, let's do it then. Everyone who attended liked it- they really did. The boys looked double good which made me confident about what was saying, confident enough to comfortably reveal my inner pillock I think, which helps in these scenarios. Anyway, this is Hugo in Rake suit, Smeadley and John Lobb. Vintage Hermès square, stylist's own, innit. This Portuguese looks pretty good, non?

This fella, Ewan, is in Chester Barrie three piece and shirt, Hermès tie, vintage Hermès square and JM Weston shoes. Pocket watch and chain were his Nan's. Well, that's what we made up for the play.

And this is James Tarq (character name), AKA  'rebel without a Porsche'. Ferragamo tonic mohair blazer, Sunspel tee, Persol 714s, Acne white jeans and Ferragamo brown suede tassel loafers, also Bell&Ross kettle. Couldn't have pranced it better myself. Oh wait a minute... I did.

Am sure the professionally shot images from the night will reveal more- let's see eh? Not got shot of Barman guy who looked particularly good in Brunello Cucinelli shawl collar evening suit. Meanwhile, got That Big Wedding tomorrow, and that's about it to think about for a change. Like that. Might go down the Lido and find out if Speedos still working in September, it really is all go in E5/8 this morning.

Stubbs out.

PS. Left-right John Lobb, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo.

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