Mary, The Mother, gave me a really stylish little Pernod carafe and glasses that belonged to her and Don. He was given it as a present years ago by someone he'd been working with. Chic, non? Anyway, taken to having water by the bed in it, but been lacking a little tray fella to make whole thing function nicely.

Went from lacking to lacquer Sunday afternoon down the Columbia Road where was shopping for button holes for the big wedding later in the week. Stumbled on this black lacquer guy with matching coasters.  Have to say am rather pleased. They look right, right? Madre, when ya coming to visit then? Would like to stress when she does stay we don't both stay in same bed. I sleep on the sheepskin rug by the French Windows. Anyway, button hole wise, got myself a beautiful bunch of corally pink 20 roses. Will be whittling down candidates for my floral accessory as week progresses. People call them boutonnières, don't they. I can't quite bear that though. I've been scarred by an American called Donald who used the word so many times in one night it freaked me right out.

Let's talk about buttons, holes, nears and French words later in week, oui? Got this interactive experiential style/gentleman thing to deal with before matey's wedding mind. It's gonna be a right hoot one way or other.

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.

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