Good afternoon procrastination enthusiasts. These images from Paul&Joe's AW2012 collection (click) have been nutting about on my desk top like tweed Beatniks trying to flog me some uppers for an age. Today is the day we look at them. Is it the driving rain and an aching for texture driving this? Or is it a vague nudge from French cinema on Friday night. Don't know. It was even raining inside the Saab this morning, no word of a lie. Robe shouldered my trench all the way from West to East just to keep dry yet agile, (see robe shouldering below).

Pertly cut outerwear, beautiful textures and tonal action going down at P&J, all with smashing styling. Now you don't see that all the time. Loving the use of hats. Herringbones and Donegal flecky looking stuff, rich cord and knits. Very good. Am still going through LC:Ms collections, writing a piece, and have to say there's nothing operating on this level really, expect perhaps Hackett, believe it or no, on fabric level. Different season mind, so perhaps wrong to compare.

Perhaps the chapeau use is also making this double appealing today, as having glanced in an alien mirror at weekend discovered am as bald a Francois Hollande, in places. Then saw an ever cheeky/cheery looking Derek Delarge while was out on Sunday wearing a herringbone baker-boy hat to rather stylish effect. So, that's two more reasons for me to gaze at Sophie Albou's work here with admiration. She's based it on French Fifties and Sixties cinema. A rich and chic seam indeed.

Will have a root about and a think about these colours and fabrics, but don't recall anyone got it as rich and so right as Paul&Joe. Might allow self to be inspired and compose a couple of looks in honour of Fifties/Sixties french cinema too. And wasting more time, obviously. Talking of French cinema..

Went to see Untouchable on Friday (click), and despite slight reservation about it being billed as a comedy, found it very agreeable . Directed by Eric Toledano, it's really quite funny, inevitably touching and a trifle cheesy, much like <insert gag here later>. For now, lets just enjoy the Paul&Joe scene, oui?

Stubbs out.

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