Have you seen Craig in his new Skyfall Bond stance yet? It's been made by Tom Ford. It's a trifle straight. Two button, two-piece suits in fine pinstripes, greys and blues. Not too, too challenging, but it functions. Blue shirt colour at least I like, as am so, so tired of ubiquitous white shirts in perceived 'sharp-suited' scenarios. But thats not the main thing. The main thing is, they've gone for a tab collar to increase the attitude/edge. Have been banging on about the potency of collar posture for a while, no? Bond is now feeling the pinch.

Now Bond is doing it, the expression will become very mainstream rather quickly. Much like tie bars did mid/late Naughties, rending them a no-go for a decade plus to cool off. I'm a habitual user, and so are my charges. Barlow is already on tabs on the telly courtesy of Luke Day. Selfridges have bought hundreds of tab collar shirts. Brace yourself, tabs are going overground. Snobbery is not admirable trait but when it comes to style, we're all at it from different angles and to varying degrees.

Naturally have already been moving on in the collar style caper. Its the nature of the business. This style is called Carlton and the one above is on a two-ply cotton twill. The next is in two-ply poplin. Both are with covered plackets, also a significant detail to consider. Dead keen on these shirts. Have teamed with the Tautz ties that just procured, see last week. Pretty resonant stuff: texture, shape, fabric, all very potent indeed.

Am going to the premier of Skyfall (click) on Tuesday, so on Wednesday I plan to Style Referee Craig in film. Hopefully will have a new Style Ref' to do it with too, alright Jon? Off to film Holden in style based retail  environment. Always enlightening/amusing, more Offal than Skyfall, but thats just how we role*.

Stubbs out.

* Dear Julie, this is a deliberate, right?

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