Researching an editorial piece about ratchet bezel watches for a magazine. Models with bezels that rotate one way can measure short periods of time without fear of inadvertently adding to the measure. Could do with one fitted to my to-do list. People tend to call them unilateral but I seem to have picked up term 'ratchet bezel'. Think I like it. Definition: Ratchet- A device in which a toothed wheel is engaged in a pivotal level which permits movement in only one direction. Wish had a ratchet bezel fitted to my head. It would make work, nay life, so much more straight forward.

Jaeger- LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph

This above guy is the Deep Sea Chrono' by Jaeger' (click). It's specifically intended for Scuba diving. And for posing about by the look of it. Of the ratchet guys I've assembled, this one is the most low-key and stylish affair. The little red/white indicator shows whether in chrono is in operation, ready or not ready. White means ready, both means going, red means finished timing. Means you can tell at a glance if your chrono is running. Essential undersea stuff. This model is a nod to a pivotal Jaeger piece from the past, the Chronoflight. This did all manner of things, such as totting up the stopover times of passenger flights. Not scuba diving. A diving chrono that looks this smooth too is unusual.  The batons look like teeth. The plain, 3/4s unmarked bezel are what does it I reckon. It whips the arse of a black Submariner hands down, no?

Some specs for spec-heads? It's got matt black  dial in a 42mm steel case, and is waterproof to 10 bar. It has a Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 758 movement that vibrates at 28,800/hr, which is a lot, no? 65 hours power reserve. Talking of which, I better go. Oh no. Just found a better looking Jaeger Diving watch still, dagnabbit (click). Wish hadn't looked.

This fella's called the Jaeger' Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea. A fitting tribute. Really fancy one of these. Going out to hang about by Clapton Pond for a bit.

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