There was a rumour circulating at 'George' on Mount Street on Tuesday night that the J.M. in J.M.Weston stands for James Massey, the name of the man who organised the evening's shoe-caper. It almost certainly does not, but for one night it should have perhaps, such was the richness of the assembled scene of men's fashion commentators, shoe fans and style merchants, all guests of JM's creative director, Michel Perry. A stylish shoe-based hoot ensued.

Mount Street Massive: George and his mates hang about outside.

The congregation of a gaggle of style cognosnooti  isn't something I'd be banging on about here normally, but the truth is it was not the company that was main event. J.M.Weston's shoes stole the show, (or rather their 'sketch-yourself-a-shoe' bar). I've loved French shoe makers J.M. Weston since I clapped eyes on their work a decade ago. Hence my main clients wear them frequently, of which I am double envious. I brought two of them along.

Shoe Ponderers O'Leary & Gray

There was a presentation from Mr.Perry, followed by what amounted to a made to measure colouring-in session. Guests were invited to choose shapes of last and cut, uppers from bolts of leathers and suedes, the finishes, laces, the lot. Sure this was for fun and they couldn't possibly be thinking of making them up, could they?

Last of the international playboys.

They could. I'd had a drink so immediately put mine on hold for a sober sit-down at a later date. This all became too, too important to make an error of taste and judgement. Know what I want though. The Elongated wing-tips made in two colours, mid-grey leather toe and 'wings', with a burgundy suede vamp. Least that's what I think the bits are called, will check.

Seventies militant shoe activists Ben Cobb&Carlo Brandelli discus blowing up Ravels

The French Four-Right.

There was one fella there that I was chatting to who'd been wearing Westons since 1976 when he was a Mod. No shop in London existed then and he'd save up and travel to Paris to get them. Original and dedicated doesn't cover it, no?

A brief downer amongst the uppers, Vincent & Gilchrist.

For this post to be of interest I really need to be posting some people's designs up for critique, don't I eh? Not sure if that's possible yet. This piece has turned into a pony version of who's who in men's shoe scene. I plan/hope to interview Mr.Perry at some point soon, quite possibly when I'm placing my sober shoe order.

Oh Sauvage!

Shoe Detention.

It should be noted there is a new J.M.Weston shop on Jermyn Street, part of the nouveau Jermyn uprising that is being reported. More on that later..

Bill Prince signs off Carol Brandellis Prototype  for a new sole-less dancing shoe.

Massey the host, hosting.

Patrick Grant set up leather polling station for the night, then voted green.

Old fellas in bins & three-piece suits section of evening went really well I think.

This post is like a budget London version of when the Shortarialist does a big special dinner in Florence, shoots all his pals and then posts comments about them. What's the difference bar the weather, the people and the photography?  The comments perhaps. Anyway, look, there's a new rouge squirrel turned up in the garden that needs deporting. There actually is. Am gonna deal with that and get back with shoe data.

Stubbs out in the Metropolis/garden

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