How important to you are your key rings? I'm a tad obsessed by their significance. Shouldn't be, but am. My main ones are a vintage (ish) Gucci riding boot & shield affair with quick release function and a sporty Hublot black rubber strap number. The quick release facility is double important as can hook it to car keys, or remove key-ring completely for super-light dynamic running outfits in an instant. Something to look out for when considering fob choice, right? The fact that they're a tool/talisman for facilitating entry to your house or similar and that you handle them in a very direct manner bestows key fobs with some sort of gravity, no? This new addition to my roster is a simple horse-shoe shaped ring from Bulgari. It's destined for a new set of keys that have just been presented with. Smart, classic and suitably dignified should do the trick. Hope my conduct with said keys manages to keep up.

Other fobs and rings on Bulgaris site are rather chic too (click), including cabochon and ancient looking Leoni style (click). Meanwhile, while on subject of the Italian house, planning to do a style based event and dinner at the Bulgari hotel during London Collections:Men in January, as a matter of fact. It's early days yet, but went for meeting there last week. Have got a couple of ideas. Style and cinema link is one as there's a cinema in the hotel that could use for something. Also some smashing rooms with various Bulgari wearing screen sirens photographically depicted over the years. More as it happens on this one.

It's the Bond Premier at The Albert Hall tonight. Black tie. No option. Hope to re-launch Style&Error's Style Referee on Bonds stances. He's nearly ready. Are you? I'm not, but am hoping to be.

Stubbs out.